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Modesto, CA Dry Rot Repair

When your roof is experiencing wood decay, also called “dry rot” it means that your roof is vulnerable to leaks, termites, and a variety of other potential problems. If you’re noticing signs of dry rot, it’s time to call the professionals at Roofing Modesto to perform an inspection. Our team of roofing professionals is knowledgeable, experienced, and has the tools necessary to repair or replace any dry rot on your roof system. Give us a call now to schedule an inspection. 

What Is Dry Rot? 

Dry rot not only looks bad, but it can also put the structural integrity and safety of your home and family at risk. It’s caused by fungus spores that land on your roof and, when combined with moisture, it multiplies and destroys the wood. 

Dry Rot vs. Wet Rot

Dry rot and wet rot are commonly confused but are actually caused by different fungi. Dry rot is more serious than wet rot and can spread throughout the wood. Wet rot, on the other hand, tends to develop in areas that remain wet. 

Should I Repair or Replace Dry Rot?

Smaller areas that have been affected by dry rot can usually be repaired. But if the dry rotted areas are on beams that provide structural support, it’s not recommended that you repair them. Rather, you’ll need to replace them to be safe. Whether your repair or replace the dry rot, it’s important to hire a professional that can fix the conditions that allowed the dry rot to occur in the first place. We can locate leaks in your roofing system, repair problems, and make sure it’s sealed up so that dry rot doesn’t occur again. 

How Do You Know If You Have Dry Rot? 

If you’re able to get on your roof (which we don’t recommend) and remove a few shingles where you suspect the damage, you can check for signs. If you see evidence of white or light-colored fungus then you’re likely dealing with some dry rot. If you see this, or if you’re still unsure, we recommend you call a professional to further inspect for signs. 

Call The Modesto Dry Rot Professionals 

Whether you have dry rot, wet rot, or you’re noticing signs that you’re not sure about, give the professionals at Roofing Modesto a call today. Our professionals will inspect your roof for signs and let you know whether or not it has to be repaired or replaced.

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