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Modesto Solar Panels

When it comes to solar panels in Modesto, CA, we only sell and install the best SunPower Solar Panels. Our panels have a 25-year manufacturer warranty and SunPower is the only company that’s been in business longer than their warranty – meaning they’re here to stay and you can trust that your panels will be covered for the full 25 years. 

Further, SunPower has the highest producing solar panels and they break down the least meaning they’re going to keep producing an above-average amount of power for their entire lifetime. 

If you’re considering solar or simply have a question about it, give us a call now. We’re more than happy to answer any questions for you. 

The Cost Of Solar In Modesto, CA

We have deals going all the time with Solar and SunPower runs deals constantly. But the cost of getting solar for our clients is $0.00 unless they purchase the system outright. 

In other words, if you lease the solar panels, we put them on your roof, connect them, and start producing power for zero money out of pocket. I realize this sounds too good to be true but I’ll explain. 

We only install solar panels after running an analysis of the amount of power you use each year. We then look at what you’ve paid for your power and determine if we can save you money. And we only install solar if we can cut your bill by a significant amount each month. 

Now that we know you’re a candidate and you can save money with us, we install the panels, connect them to the power, and you start paying only after their connected and you’re actually using solar power. The cost is always less than your current utility bill. 

In short, you don’t start paying for your panels until they’re connected and you’re living off the power.  

Is Now The Time To Go Solar?

In short, the time to go solar is always as soon as you can. Why? Because you’re already spending more than you should be. Remember that we don’t install solar unless we can save you a significant amount of money on your utility bill. Also, it costs you nothing out of pocket. So why would you wait? It doesn’t make sense to keep spending more money with MID or PG&E when you can get the same power for less money and do something good for the environment. 

What Is The Process Of Getting Solar Installed In Modesto?

When it comes to getting your solar panels installed, the process is actually very easy. 

To start, it takes about 10 minutes to get a quote. When you call us, the only thing you need is a copy of your utility bill. Your bill has a number on it that we can look up to get exact energy usage for your home. 

From that bill, we can calculate how many panels it would take to produce power for your home.

After that, our team takes a satellite image of your roof and designs a mock-up of what your system will look like on your roof.

If you like it, we handle permitting, inspect your roof, and do all the work to get it installed quickly. From start to finish, it takes about six weeks on average to get your system fully installed and producing the power for your house. Most of this time is spent on acquiring the permits. 

The actual time of installation is about two days and it’s very straightforward. 

Considering Solar In Modesto?

Call us now to speak with one of our professionals. We can provide you with a quick and easy quote over the phone and tell you exactly how much money you can save every month. 

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