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Age is just a number. But for not your roof. 

Like everything else, your roof has a shelf life and ages with time. It can be stressful to find out that your roof is damaged or that it has a leak. Roof damage can happen due to impact or extreme weather conditions, pest infestation,  tree damage, hail damage, and a roof that is way past its lifespan. 

At Roofing Modesto, we have a highly experienced and skilled team of roofing specialists that can work on your roof problems when you need it most. If you have a roof emergency and need immediate repair, don’t hesitate to call us now. 

We check on the following issues before conducting repairs:

  • Determine the roof material. 
  • Check the roof age. A roof’s age is a tell-all of its longevity and durability factors. This will help us determine the repair treatment type that would fit your roof’s current condition. 
  • Check on damage on or around skylights, storm damage, vents, and flashing.
  • Inspect the framing and foundation of your roof to ensure your family members are safe. 

We repair leaks on pipes and vents, leaks around the weather-resistant barrier system or any other kinds of damage Whether it is for your home or a commercial building, we check and repair storm damage, shingles that have been blown off, leaky roofs, punctures, tears, cracks, and cuts in the roof membrane – we can fix that for you!

If you notice that your roof has signs of damage, call us right away for an emergency roof repair. We provide free estimates and we’ll help you with the planning and actual repair or replacement process.

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