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Roofing Insurance Claims

What are Roofing Insurance Claims?

A “typical claim” covers restoring worn-out or broken roofs and even comprehensive roof system replacements. These claims can cover most of your expenditures, apart from the deductibles. 

You can also register a claim for any roof damages from inclement weather. At some point, bad weather conditions will degrade your home—but thankfully dwelling insurance covers it. 

Before giving them your claim, prioritize getting the summary of the damages and policy number. Once you get all the documents, start the claiming process as soon as possible. This will help prevent further damages. 

Knowing the Right Insurance Policy for You

Four Main Types of Homeowner Insurance Coverage: 

Personal Property

This insurance covers all the stuff you own—from clothing and jewelry to electronics and appliances. It offers protection against potential losses from fires or theft. 


Dwelling insurance coverage protects a home’s structure, such as windows and garages. It also covers your heating, ventilation, and AC. 


This coverage helps you with any injuries a person gets within your property.

Additional Living Expenses (ALE) Insurance

Suppose your house gets fumigated and becomes uninhabitable. In that case, ALE can help provide payment for temporary housing.

How a Roofing Insurance Claim Works

STEP 1: Get all your documents ready

The first step you need to take is getting the necessary documents. You should have images of the entire interior and exterior and the damages and leaks. If possible, put the time and date.

If you’ve recently done roof maintenance, you should include any invoices and previous inspection forms when reporting to the insurance. These will assist them with evaluating your roof’s initial condition before the damage. 

Working with licensed professionals will help secure your claim approvals. By doing so, you can also ensure that your roof will be repaired or replaced correctly. However, hiring someone unlicensed might get your claim denied, even if they are a professional. 

Watch out for door-to-door insurance sales associates in affected communities. Usually, after a storm, these dishonest people take advantage of homeowners—they don’t finish their jobs and use faulty, poor materials. Worst, they might adjust your insurance deductibles, which may void your coverage because it’s insurance fraud.

STEP 2: Professional Inspection for the Initial Claim

Your insurance will have a professional inspection done for the initial claim. The adjuster will review your property based on the summary you provided—checking what needs fixing or replacing. Usually, the entire cost is determined on-site, and you’ll get a quote then and there.

STEP 3: Approval of Claim

After the adjuster’s inspection, you will get a claim approval for a specified amount. This amount will cover the cost of re-roofing or repairs. 

STEP 4: Insurance Claim Paperworks

You need to fix tons of paperwork when processing insurance claims. We can help you file all the necessary documents, so work can begin immediately. 

STEP 5: Repairing Roof Damage with Your Preferred Contractor

Insurance companies are very particular with who they choose to perform roof repairs. Some of them send a check directly to the property owner and allow them to pay for the repairs—while others prefer direct payments to the contractor. Usually, they will send fifty percent (50%) of the payment to start the repairs. 

STEP 6: Receive the Check

Your insurance will usually send payment directly to you and not the contractor when it’s finally time for them to pay for everything they agreed to. This amount is called the Actual Value Cost (AVC). AVC is the cost of the job minus depreciation for your roof’s age.

At times, you can arrange full payouts without any AVC dedication. To accomplish this, you need to negotiate with the insurance company. 

Depending on where you live, it may take many weeks or months to receive a check after filing your claim. Some states require insurance to pay in a reasonable amount of time—10 to 30 days to acknowledge the claim and then 40 days to either deny or accept it.

Your roofing contractor can help you negotiate and give you the support you need.

STEP 7: Didn’t Receive the Check on Time?

It’s quite a hassle if you didn’t get the check from the insurance on time. We can deal with talking to them for you, so you don’t worry. If you want, they can even send the check directly to your contractor.

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What’s covered, and what’s not?

The roof is a big part of a home’s structure. Thus, it’s generally included in most insurance policies’ dwelling coverages. Though, the extent of the coverage will depend on the policy’s exact specifications.

Claims usually cover wind, fire, and hail damages. Aside from these, there is coverage for many other weather-related problems.

If your roof collapses because of heavy snowfall or a hurricane, for example, your homeowner’s policy may cover the cost. Other policies have hail and wind exclusives. 

Does it take long to file a claim if my roof got damaged after a storm?

It’s best to act as soon as possible. A damaged roof can lead to larger problems that may require more time, attention, and money. The earlier you contact a contractor with a claim, the sooner you can start with the repairs. 

What do I need to know about my roof to guarantee coverage?

You want to avoid claim violations because your policy could get revoked—irregular maintenance could be a violation. To successfully process a claim, homeowner’s insurance policies require that you properly take care of your roof with regular maintenance. 

It’s also good to know your roof material. Expensive roof materials, such as slate, may not be included in certain policies. Moreover, insurance companies don’t usually cover 20-year-old roof systems. 

Why hire professional roofing contractors?

A roof is one of the most important parts of your property—it protects your home or business space from harsh environments. For any of your roofing needs, call a reputable roofing contractor! Hiring the wrong people to do the job has tons of consequences. 

Going for a cheap contractor that offers no insurance means that you’re liable for whatever happens on your property. Just having some insurance protects yourself and your home if something goes wrong. When you have roofers with insurance, you can feel confident that insurance will cover any damages.  

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