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Trusted Weather Damage Repair in Modesto, CA

Is your roof damaged? If there are stains, leaks, or damaged shingles, get it repaired as soon as possible. Waiting too long can lead to mold, moisture, and other problems that are even more expensive to fix. Call Roofing Modesto right away for an affordable inspection and repair. 

We perform inspections, repairs, re-roofing and all other roof services for residential and commercial projects. We provide fast, reliable, and effective weather damage repairs with 100% satisfaction guarantee. We’re also fully licensed and insured. 

Roofing Modesto Weather Damage Repair Services

Harsh weather can inflict serious damages on your roof. And after bad weather, it’s best to check your roof for damages. Any uplifted shingles, leaks, broken seals should be repaired right away to prevent bigger problems down the road. Let our roofers inspect your roof for problem areas. We can perform the repairs quickly and affordably so that you don’t have a roof that’s vulnerable to leaks when the rainy season strikes. 

It’s also a good idea to have your roof inspected before the rainy season even if we haven’t had any severe weather in the Central Valley. Winter is our busiest season because so many people don’t realize they have leaks until water is pooling in their living room. We can perform an inspection when it’s dry outside to save you the headaches and damages down the road. 

Hail Roof Damage

While we rarely get hail, it’s possible and worth talking about. Hail roof damages can differ based on a range of factors such as wind speed, roof material, hail size, and age of your roof. Severe damages are obvious, but minor ones may be hard to detect with untrained eyes. 

Hail can cause the following:

  • Knocked off, damaged, or loose asphalt shingles
  • Damages to aluminum siding and windows
  • Damages to carports and other outlying buildings

While roof damage is the most common outcome of a hail storm, windows, gutters and other weak areas can also suffer from other severe weather conditions. Get a roof inspection after a hail storm from a trained professional to evaluate the hail damage on your roofing system. We offer fast response times to help you repair any damage caused before it gets worse. 

Wind Damage Repair 

Wind has a habit of uplifting shingles and causing damage to roofs. Fortunately,  we can help if your roof has been damaged by wind. Our team will conduct a thorough inspection and find any damaged areas. Then we come up with a plan, cost, and timeline to get it fixed. We give you the details and if you approve we get to work. We clear away debris, remove the damaged areas, and repair everything so your roof is in tip top shape. 

Water Damage Restoration

Weather conditions, busted pipes, or leaking appliances are just some of the things that cause water damage. They often strike without notice and they can cause major panic if you’re the homeowner. If you’ve had any water damage occur, give us a call for an inspection.  

Our team can inspect the damaged areas and provide you with a full report. After removing excess water, we start the drying process and monitor it closely. Our team uses the latest equipment in the drying and dehumidification to make sure that everything’s done properly. Then, we repair your roof and any ruined wood to prevent mold, more water damage, and leaks. Dry wood also helps to prevent termite infestation. 

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